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Always, Forever (Clois)

Title: Always, Forever
Pairing: Clark/Lois
Rating: NC-17 (It's my first time writing it, so please be gentle!)
Disclaimer: If I owned any of this, I'd be writing for Smallville right now
Summary: Takes place immediately after Ambush. The General and Lucy have just left, and Lois and Clark talk about some things that need to be said.

**This is just a one-shot, meaning after I post this, that's it!** I really hope you guys enjoy this!

Always, Forever

Lois was lost in her thoughts as she slowly began to clear the remains of Thanksgiving dinner off the Kent’s kitchen table. To say that today had been a rollercoaster ride of emotions was putting it lightly, what with the unexpected visit of her father and sister, the sudden stress of having to keep everyone on good terms and somehow preparing a last-minute Thanksgiving dinner that wouldn’t send someone to the hospital, and… oh yea, almost dying for the hundredth time. Lois wasn’t the kind of girl who broke down easily, but add her fight with Clark into the mix and you got a recipe pretty damn close to a meltdown.

Lois gently scrubbed turkey grease from the first plate in the pile, letting the warm water from the faucet trickle between her fingers and ease her tired mind. At least everything had worked out in the end. With the General and Clark on good terms at last and Lucy earning another stripe towards her budding maturity, Lois felt confident that the next holiday would go much smoother. She was very curious about what the General and Clark had talked about earlier though - they had turned complete 180’s towards each other. Lois wanted to find out more, but she was just too tired to put much more thought into it at the moment.

The faint click of the front door opening brought Lois back to the present. A twinge of nerves flickered in her stomach and se turned the water off, drying her hands on the back of her jeans. As tired as she was, this was one thing she couldn’t put off until tomorrow.

Clark shut the door behind him and quietly entered the kitchen, seeing Lois waiting for him. Even though she’d been spending more time at the farm than her own former apartment lately, Clark still felt his breath catch when he saw her in his home - hopefully, one day, their home. She just fit so perfectly here, the way she fit perfectly into every single part of his life. He gave her a gently smile and went to her.

“How are you feeling?” He asked.

Lois thought for a moment and shrugged nonchalantly. “Oh, I don’t know… a little relieved I guess that dad and Lucy decided to head out a day early - not that I didn’t enjoy having them here after all the drama finally ended, but I can’t say wasn’t fully prepared to intercept round three between anyone tonight, and then there’s the whole “I have no home, no clothes, no anything,” so that’s not exactly the high point of my evening -”

“Lois.” Clark interrupted patiently. He watched as Lois sighed heavily and her shoulders slump in defeat. “I’m very, very tired.” She admitted.

Clark moved towards her and slowly wrapped her in his warm, comforting arms. Lois laid her head against his broad chest and inhaled deeply, taking in his scent. She’s come to know it so well now that it had become one of the few things that gave her ultimate peace and solace. She returned his embrace and reveled in the warmth of his fingers rubbing her back in soft, soothing motions.

“You can stay here as long as you want to.” Clark said.

Lois chuckled. “I was kinda hoping you’d say that, cause my options are pretty limited at this point.” She pressed herself closer to him. “I don’t know what I’m going to do about everything else though. I mean, Lucy said she wants to replace everything I lost, but there’s a better chance of me finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow than Lucy ever coming up with enough money to pay me back. And honestly, I don’t want her to do it.”

Clark stepped back and reached into his jacket pocket. Lois watched with questioning eyes as he pulled out a long white envelope and handed it to her. “Before your dad left, he told me to give you this.” Clark said as Lois took it. “He said you’d never take it from him if he gave it to you personally.”

Lois unsealed the envelope and gave a sharp intake of breath. Inside was a check for $20,000. “Oh my God,” Lois muttered, then she sighed with exasperation. “Daddy…” She put the check on the kitchen table and stared at it while gripping the back of a chair. “Well, I guess that problem is solved.” She paused a moment. “But there’s still something else I need to take care of tonight.” Lois turned to face Clark and bit her bottom lip cautiously.

“About what I said before… in the barn, about you not having a…” Her sentence hung ominously in the air. “Clark, I didn’t mean it.”

Clark took a step towards her. “I know.” He said gently.

“You must miss him more than anything.” Lois continued.

Clark pictured Jonathon’s face in his mind, that warm smile and tender heart that had always been able to make all the darkness seem to just fade away. “Every day.” Clark replied sadly. “But it’s ok, Lois. I’m not angry.”

A flicker of relief crossed Lois’s face as she gave him a small smile. “There’s more.” A knot formed in her throat and she tried to swallow it away. When she did speak, it hurt.

“Clark, you were right. I should’ve stood up to the General about you. I should’ve defended you. It’s just… all I’ve ever wanted to do was make him proud of me. To go against his orders would’ve been considered betrayal in his eyes, and… I just didn’t want to be another disappointment.” Lois felt tears well in her eyes, and with embarrassment she wondered when she’d become so weepy.

“I shouldn’t have left. After all you’ve done and everything you’ve given me, I should’ve stood by you. I should’ve -”

“Lois,” Clark put his hands on her shoulders and met her shining eyes. “Lois, I understand why you did what you did. They’re your family. I know what it’s like to be afraid of disappointing a father, to be terrified of failing him.” Clark wiped a runaway tear from her cheek with his thumb. “I shouldn’t have forced you to choose sides. I should’ve been more understanding to the loyalty you have to your father.”

Lois blinked quickly, trying to regain control of her emotions. “Clark… you have been the most important person in my life for a long time now.” She said quietly.

Clark felt a fire burn in his veins at that, and gently pushed her hair away from her face. “I may have powers, but I’m no Sam Lane.” He smiled, his eyes showing more love than he could put into words. Lois gave him a watery smile in return and placed her hand on his face.

“I love you, Clark.” Lois said softly, letting her fingers trail down his jawbone and then to his neck. Clark took her hand and kissed her knuckles sweetly.

“I love you too. Always… no matter what happens.”

If he hadn’t forgiven her already, Lois’s beaming face was enough to make Clark forget all about whatever trivial thing they had fought about earlier. When she smiled at him like that, he couldn’t really remember much of anything. It was just her standing in front of him that filled his mind, and he knew he would fight through any obstacles in their path to make their relationship work - because Lois Lane was worth fighting for.
Lois hummed one short note of content. “Well, Smallville, I hope this experience has taught you that there are no sane Lanes on this planet.” She cocked her head to the side. “Think you’re still game enough for me?” Her face had “I dare you” written all over it.

Clark flashed her one of his signature Clark Kent grins. “Normal has never really been my style, if you haven’t noticed.” He met her eyes. Despite her joking manner, Clark saw the faint glimpse of fear and doubt Lois always kept buried inside of her. He wanted to see the sun in her eyes again.

Clark took her face in his hands and ran his fingers across the smoothness of her skin. He bent down and kissed her forehead, her cheek, her mouth, sweetly and tenderly. Lois’s eyes drifted to a close, her heart beginning to race the way it always did when he kissed her. As his lips withdrew, she opened her eyes to see his own loving gaze.
“You are everything to me.” Clark said. “As long as you want me, I’m not going anywhere.”

Lois felt her stomach flip, and she wondered if she’d ever get used to this feeling he managed to ignite inside her whenever he looked at her that way, and said things she once believed where just the dialogue for sappy movies. Funny - it didn’t feel so sappy when it was real life.

“I want you.” Lois said, her voice thick. She pressed her body against him, her breath teasing his lips. “Always.”

Clark kissed her deeply and Lois’s mind went blank. Pure need took over as Lois began to unbutton Clark’s navy blue shirt, instinct and perfected practice sightlessly guiding her nimble fingers. In seconds she had undone the last button and rolled his shirt off his muscular shoulders.

Clark pulled away slightly to let Lois catch her breath. “You’re getting pretty good at that.” He commented with a smirk.

Lois’s hands traced the definitive lines in his chest, her eyes hungry. “Good thing I can keep up with you, huh Speedy?” She said as she smirked back.

Clark’s eyes narrowed with a half-smile and before Lois could blink, she found herself pinned to the wall with her hands held firmly in place on both sides of her head. Hm, déjà vu… Lois thought.

Clark leaned in until he was a whisper away from her lips. “Not everything has to be as fast as the Blur.” He muttered, sending shivers down Lois’s spine. She felt his fingers lace her own against the wall. Clark brought his lips tantalizingly close to hers and then ducked away at the last second, brushing her neck with the smallest touches. He pulled away with each kiss and went back in with absolutely no rush. Lois arched her neck to give him better access and squirmed with desire. Sensing an attempt to escape, Clark pressed his hips into hers, keeping her completely immobile. He found her racing pulse and kissed it, loving how it sped for him.

Lois could hear nothing but the pounding of her heart and her short breaths forcing their way in and out of her tight lungs. His body was so close to hers that she felt like they were one being, perfectly matched. She could feel the hardness of him growing beneath his jeans, and it made her body ache. There were no coherent thoughts in her head, nothing but an insane desire for him and only him. He was kissing all of her most sensitive spots - the small patch of skin beneath her ear, the line where her jaw ended and her neck began, the pulsing vein of her jugular - she wanted the taste of his lips. She needed his kiss the way an addict needed their drug. He was the drug, Lois was the addict.

The minutes ticked by, but it felt like hours to Lois. Clark could feel her impatience and only dragged it on longer despite her squirming. He wanted her just as badly as she wanted him, but he wanted her desire to reach its peak. He couldn’t help driving her crazy the only way he knew how, and to be honest, he loved it. It was a game that, in the end, both of them always won.

Clark kissed every inch of skin he could reach except her perfect lips, which he knew she was dying for. Her breaths were getting much shorter and faster now, soft moans escaping that were audible only to him. He leaned in and parted his lips, feeling her warm breath mixing with his own. He hovered there, slowly opening his eyes. Lois met them with a half-lidded gaze, defeat written all over her desperate face.

“Clark…” Lois whispered, her voice thick with want. God, she needed him. Clark’s fingers slowly loosened and the very second his muscles went limp, Lois collided with him in a frenzy of passion. She kissed him, the taste driving her insane. She frantically ran her hands down his neck, his chest, and back up to embed themselves in that gorgeous thick hair of his, unable to touch enough of him at once.

Clark lifted on of her legs and wrapped it around his torso and caught Lois gracefully as she hoisted the rest of her body into his arms. Lois pulled away long enough to tear her blouse over her head and throw it to the ground, shivering as cool air hit her bare skin. Her shivers suddenly intensified as Clark lifted Lois higher in his arms and kissed the warm, newly exposed flesh. Lois gasped and tightened her legs around Clark’s waist until her muscles ached deliciously. Her head fell back as Clark kissed the hollow of her throat, his lips hot and quick.

“Clark -” Lois gasped, her fingers weaving into his hair. “I don’t know if you h-heard me,” Lois stuttered. His mouth was heading in a dangerous direction. “But I said that I want you.” She choked out. She was having so much trouble breathing correctly that it made speech nearly impossible.

Clark pulled away and let Lois slide down the length of his body so that they were eye to eye. His eyes seemed to penetrate to the very core of her being, and in that moment Lois was so sure he could see all of her - everything she’d ever felt, everything she’d tried to keep hidden under layers of sarcasm and wit. She knew Clark was the only one who could really see her.

A flash of light and blurred color passed across her eyes so quickly that her brain ad hardly enough time to process what had happened until the world stopped spinning and the darkness of the bedroom came into focus. God, his powers were such a turn-on.

Clark set Lois down and began to work his magic once more. His soft fingertips grazed her hips and wrapped around her belt loops, pulling her in for a searing kiss. Lois smiled against his lips and began to unbutton his jeans. Her mind went blank again as her bra fell loose on her chest. When had he even unlatched it? Her heart skipped a beat and she moaned with relief as Clark put one hand around her breast, using his thumb to gently stimulate the nipple. Lois’s breath was stilled and she met his eyes, her lips so close to his that her tongue darted out to quickly taste him. And suddenly, slow and steady was no longer what either of them wanted.

Lois’s hands flew to his zipper, undoing it quickly and bending to yank his jeans to his knees. When she came back up, Clark captured her lips and showed no mercy. Stepping out of his pants, he went for Lois’s own button and zipper, her sexy sounds encouraging him. After Lois had shed all clothing except her panties, Clark backed her to the bed where she slowly lay beneath him, spread out she he could see all of her. Clark used two fingers and hooked them under the last thin strip of cloth that covered her body and slid them down. Lois kicked them off and then reached for his boxers. She was much less patient and ended up having to wait for Clark to remove them himself with a smirk stretched across his face. He hovered over her then and their eyes began to roam.

Clark could feel is heart against his chest as he viewed the goddess beneath him. Clothing or no clothing, Lois Lane would never stop taking his breath away. She was so perfect… his perfect match.

A quick flash entered his mind - Lois was wearing his mother’s engagement ring, her eyes sparkling brighter than any diamond ever could. A white dress, the angel wearing it walking down the aisle to him. Her smiled was so dazzling that it put the stars to shame.

“Clark?” Lois’s hazy voice brought Clark back. As he looked down at her waiting for him, he knew at that moment that he would gladly spend the rest of his life determined to make that dream a reality. He would wait forever to make Lois Lane his, if that’s what it took.

“I love you…” Clark murmured, brushing a stray lock of hair away from her face.
There’s that look again. Lois though. There was something in his eyes, something new. She would coax it out of him later. Right now, she wanted him too badly. “I love you too.” She responded. She touched his chest, feeling it rise and fall with each breath.

Clark bent his head to kiss her, and the amount of love he poured into it brought Lois to tears again. How she had ever thought she could leave this wonderful, incredible man, she would never know.

Never again. Lois thought.

Clark’s and drifted down Lois’s lithe body until his fingers grazed her warm, wet entrance. She moaned as he gently rubbed his thumb over her clitoris, sending sudden intense waves of pleasure pulsing through her abdomen all the way to her toes. He went faster and Lois thought she would surely go insane from the sensations. Her fingers raked Clark’s bulletproof chest as her moans evolved into sounds of pure need. Just as the world was beginning to fade away, she felt Clark slowly begin to inch his way inside of her. He was always so very gently, and she loved him for it. No one had ever treated her so delicately when past men had had their way with her, and while Lois would never coin herself as “delicate,” the fact that Clark always made sure he never took more than what she gave made her heart grow with such love that she knew one of these days it would burst altogether. Whether he knew it or not, Lois had given all of herself to him a long time ago.

Clark throbbed inside of her, his breath coming in short gasps as he began to move. He thrust gently at first, filling her deeper with each motion. Lois pulled Clark down to her so that his chest hovered closely and with sounds of lust filling her throat, she alternately kissed, nipped, and sucked the taut muscles above her. His skin was burning hot and it felt like heaven on her tongue. Clark moaned as Lois’s teeth ran over his shoulder and he pushed her head back on the bed so he could attack her himself. He withdrew from her sweet warmth and latched onto her left breast, swirling his tongue around her nipple and making it grow rock-hard. His hand slid down her body now slick with sweat and penetrated with one large finger, making her cry out. While his finger began to work her inside, his thumb began to thrust against her clitoris again, setting a steady rhythm that had Lois in near tears of ecstasy.

Lois half screamed, half growled as she writhed beneath Clark. It felt like bolts of electricity were being shot down her legs, back up to her lower abdomen, and shooting throughout the rest of her body. With each thrust, Lois felt her control slip farther and farther away. Just as she was about to hit her peak, Clark came back inside of her and wrapped her up in his arms, pressing her against his chest as he used his elbows to prop himself up and keep from crushing her. Lois’s arms came around him, her nails digging into his back. As he continued to thrust inside of her even deeper, Lois whispered soft encouragements in his ear, begging him to go faster. He obeyed.

They reached their climaxes almost simultaneously and Lois saw stars obscure her vision as she let out a scream of ecstasy. Clark shuddered as he came and he shut his eyes as the stars reached him as well. Several long minutes passed and their heavy breaths were the only sounds in the room as they slowly began to come down from their high. Clark opened his eyes to look at Lois and met her gaze, full of love and lust and exhaustion. He put his hand on her chest and felt the erotic throbbing of her heart, letting it fill his ears with the melodious sound that it was. He gently withdrew from her, and Lois immediately spread herself atop his body as Clark let his back rest against the sheets.

Lois kissed him gently, feeling his hands come around her. She kissed him a second time with a lethargic, dreamy manner and smiled lazily at him.

“God, you drive me crazy…” She said, and Clark grinned at the familiar words. Lois laid her head on Clark’s chest and sighed deeply, letting her fingers draw lazy patterns across his skin. Her ears were filled with the sound of his strong heartbeat and she closed her eyes as she concentrated on it, letting the sound sink into her memories.
Clark stroked her hair gently, feeling happier than he’d ever been in his life. He’d wasted so much time tiptoeing around the idea of a relationship with Lois that he knew he could’ve been this happy a long time ago. He’d been so afraid… of what? He should’ve known Lois would’ve been able to handle is secret. He should’ve known she’d never turn away in fear after learning his true name and birthplace. He should’ve known that Lois was the one he’d always needed. And in a way, he had known, subconsciously. He was drawn to Lois the way a moth was drawn to a flame. Once she had become a part of his life, no matter what happened, she never left. She’d been the one constant in his life these past seven years, and more than anything else in the entire universe, he wanted her to be next to him forever.

“Lois?” Clark said softly. She was fading fast and he knew it.

“Hmm?” Lois murmured against his chest, still in tune with his heartbeat.

“I want you to move in with me.”

Lois lifted her head and met his eyes, feeling a smile creep across her face. “Ok.” She whispered, and then she let her head settle back on his chest. She knew she should be scared right now - she always became terrified whenever someone wanted to take their relationship to the next level, and she had never reached this particular one before. But she wasn’t scared. A little nervous? Maybe. But at that moment, Lois was too content to think about it any further. Deep down, she knew she wanted this - and she would do it despite a few stray nerves that needed to be conquered. Clark Kent was worth fighting for.

As Lois fell asleep, Clark listened very closely to the silence. And in that silence, he tuned in to one distinct sound: Their hearts were beating together as one. A perfect match, a perfect sound.

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